Wheelchair Vehicles in Brisbane: How to Choose the Right Conversion

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) are necessary for any family with a handicapped member as it allows them to travel together without the difficulty or hustle of loading and unloading the wheelchair. Be it a minivan, full-sized van or SUV, vehicle conversion enables any wheelchair user to travel in the car either as a passenger or driver. If you are looking to visit a dealer for wheelchair vehicles Brisbane has today to have your van converted, then below are important information you should know.

What Makes a Vehicle Wheelchair Accessible?

A van is considered wheelchair accessible if it has been fitted with at ramp that guides a wheelchair user in and out of the car.

There are two types of ramps available in the market today: a fold-out ramp and in-floor ramp both of which work in different ways.

The fold-out ramp as the name suggests can fold whenever it is not in use forming an upright barrier that fits either on the side of the vehicle or the rear end. On the other hand, in-floor ramps are designed to retract under the floor of the vehicle whenever it is not used. Check Auto Extras for more details.

Before making any hasty decision, it is important that you understand the types of conversion options available for wheelchair vehicles Brisbane dealers offer due to the different working mechanisms of each ramp.

Types of Vehicle Conversions to Choose from

Handicapped looking to travel independently can either choose rear entry or side entry access for their vehicles. Moreover, Brisbane wheelchair vehicles converters can also redesign the driver’s cockpit so someone can drive from their wheelchair or switch from the chair to the driver’s seat.

Some conversion designs wheelchair vehicles in Brisbane feature are such as:

  • Rear Access Conversions

Arguably the most used type of conversion; rear conversions give access to the wheelchair through the rear end of the vehicle using either a manual or electric-powered retractable ramp or an in-floor lift.

If you choose this option, the vehicle will be lowered so as to create comfortable headroom for the user as well as facilitate easy loading and unloading of the wheelchair.

  • Side Access Conversion

Side conversion is usually a more costly option since the manual sliding doors have to be modified to either an electronic door or a double hinged opening door. When a fold-out ramp is installed in the side access conversion, then that side will be inaccessible for able-bodied passengers onboard.

Aside from the conversions, wheelchair accessible vehicles may still require other modifications to ensure safety and comfort for all passengers. When a vehicle gets ramps installed it means there is extra added weight, therefore, upgrades may be required on the brakes, shocks, springs and axles. More information at Dan Hadley Adelaide

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors and considerations to be made before experts in wheelchair vehicles Brisbane has today can start the conversion process. It is for this reasons that you should consider recommendations and advice from the best van conversion experts in Brisbane. Contact auto extras on their website and get all the help you need today.

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