Top 5 Must-Have Safety Features for a Young Family’s Jeep

You’re new parents who are on the hunt for a baby-friendly Jeep. National laws in Australia require all children less than 4 years old to be seated in a child car seat, while kids taller than 145cm should wear a seatbelt at all times. Children in child car seats are less likely to be harmed in a car accident. As compliance to these safety measurements, the demand for family-friendly jeeps will not fall down any quicker. Five of family-friendly offers Brisbane Jeep models have today are enlisted below:

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1. Seatbelts for Baby Car Seats and Air Bags

Having seatbelts and airbags in your family jeep is a good combination. For baby car seats, read the manufacturer’s guide carefully before traveling. Instruction manuals are also suggested to be kept in the car. For extended seatbelts, make sure it sits the baby car seat snugly—no loose forward or sideward movements.

Air bags reduce the chances that the driver and the front seat occupier would hit their head on the dashboard and windshield. Some used Jeep Brisbane sells these days have side airbags for additional protection from the impact beside them. Although air bags help, these can also endanger your children. For example, do not ever put a rear facing car seats on the passenger’s seat with airbags. The impact from the airbag may injure their head or kill them.

2. Antilock Brake System

Antilock Brake System or ABS is a safety system that allows wheels to retain their traction contact with the road to avoid uncontrollable skidding or slipping. One of the good offers Brisbane Jeep models have today is Traction on the wheels. Traction applies force on selected wheels during acceleration. Almost all selections for a demo Jeep Brisbane has today also feature ABS with Brake Assists. If you are the parent that drives, it is suggested that you practice using the ABS and knowing its features including the break assist.  This is to make sure that you know how to control ABS because some may not include brake assists.

3. Automatic Parking

Some jeeps have automated parking systems. Auto Parking uses cameras and radars to park themselves. This is useful especially if your attention is divided between your wailing little one and parking. Worrying about hitting fenders and bumps is no worry with Auto Parking.

4.  Blind-spot monitoring

BSM is quite a popular feature in family jeeps. Some parents even say they bought a jeep because of the BSM. Some Jeep models like Brisbane Jeep Renegade have a blind spot sensor and rear camera. This system detects other vehicles in your blind spots and has an audio or visual warning. Some advanced versions have a camera that gives you a side view.

5. Head-Injury Protection

One important feature any first-time parents should not ignore is head seats. The material of the head seat should be durable enough to absorb the energy from the impact. Some offers Brisbane Jeep selections have today are head protectors for the first row and second-row seats. You can also look for Head Restraints. They limit head movement, preventing neck injury and dislocation.

You’re lucky if you find a jeep that has it all. If you don’t, you can plan ahead and list down your driving habits with your child so that you can match it to any Jeep model.