Signs a Truck Mechanic Should Check Your Transmission System

One of the things any truck owner tries hard to avoid is thinking of a developing transmission problem. When a truck develops a transmission problem, it means being late for work, not picking your children from school in time, missing that business meeting and spending what you had not budgeted for. However, transmission problems occur when least expected. When this happens, you should immediately contact an experienced truck mechanic North Brisbane has today to assess how bad the transmission system is. You know your truck is developing a transmission problem once you see any of these signs:

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Drips of a red fluid

It’s uncommon for a car in good condition to release drips of a red fluid. The dripping red fluid is a transmission fluid and this would require attention from a competent mechanic. Most people notice the fluid is dripping once they find it on the ground where the truck had been parked. Too much of the red fluid on the ground would mean you urgently need your transmission system repaired. Due to the dripping problem, the transmission fluid would be low. In this case, you would have to add more transmission fluid to avoid car damage as you drive to meet a competent truck mechanic North Brisbane has to offer.


There shouldn’t be unusual sound when shifting gears. For those with automatic transmission cars, gear shifting should be silent and imperceptible. If you notice hesitancy and vibrations when shifting gears, just know there is a transmission problem. In such a case, a qualified truck mechanic in North Brisbane would use their car service expertise to identify the problem and fix it. If repair is needed, the mechanic would know the exact type of transmission repair your truck needs to get back on the road.


The transmission system would stall at stop signs and red lights if the fluid in the transmission system is inadequate. Although the car would start right back up, it’s wrong to assume the problem is now gone before a North Brisbane truck mechanic has diagnosed the problem. One of the transmission lines could be leaking and replacing it would be the only option. New transmission lines ensure the system receives the adequate fluid it needs to operate. If the problem is not rectified at this stage, you may have to replace or rebuild the entire transmission system, which would be more expensive.

Fluid color

Don’t always think that your car would always release a red fluid in case of a transmission problem. Sometimes a black or dark brown fluid may be released especially if the transmission system is overheated. Overheating means the transmission system is exposed to high temperatures. If the transmission fluid fails to maintain its red color, you should let a truck mechanic North Brisbane has today troubleshoot the problem or cause.

If any transmission problem is fixed at an early stage, it would save the car owner expensive repairs and replacements. It’s important to leave your car in the hands of a competent mechanic even if the auto problem wasn’t aggravated. The problem you consider small could later cause regrettable damages. Once you see any of the above signs, go ahead and hire a truck mechanic North Brisbane has to offer to inspect what could be wrong with your transmission system. Read more at

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