Car finance options available to buyers

Buying a car is not a small investment. In fact, it not only includes buying a car but also insurance and maintenance. You may want to buy a vehicle but lacking the available finance may become a hindrance. Hence, for all such people, many options for car finance in Brisbane are available from car dealers.

Maintenance and Safety news states that various new models for funding such as the crowd funding and peer to peer lending are available these days. These make it easier for people to qualify for a car loan, even though they have a lower credit rating; thus increasing car sales. Availability of car finance options enables you to get the car of your dreams with an easily payable plan which not only benefits you as a client but also the car dealers. Below is a guide for you to choose the best option for car finance in Brisbane.

Personal or car loan

You can opt for car finance in Brisbane by taking a personal or car loan. It is a simple process involving a financial institution lending you money for your personal use. The loan can be secured or unsecured depending on you and what you want. A secured loan is one that is tied to the asset you are purchasing with the money, and the item is taken away by your financer in case you fall behind in your payments. This security enables the lenders to lend more and at smaller rates. Then there is the unsecured option which involves less paper work but higher rates and lesser loan amounts. You can find loans at financial facilities which include banks, dealers and manufacturers among others.Check out Brisbane City Citroen

In case you are buying any of the used Citroen cars, you can get a loan as long as the used vehicle is under seven years old. As you get the loan, consider the fee payable up front, ongoing and at the end, not forgetting the penalties, before taking a decision.

Mortgage redrawing

Today, one can find many options for home mortgages. As you pay for your mortgage you may have the advantage of making some advanced or extra payments. You have the option of redrawing these funds later and use them to buy Citroen c3. This is quite advantageous with its less paper work with the home loan rates being less than the personal and car loan rates. To use this option you have to be smart and aggressively pay down the amount you redrew from your mortgage to avoid paying more interest than just getting a car loan.

Credit card and leases

 Then there is the famous credit card. This choice is suitable when you only need to borrow a small amount of money or when you don’t have the car loan option. In addition, there is a lease option which involves the financial institution buying and owning the vehicle on your behalf with you paying monthly for its use. The lease period eventually comes to an end whereby you have the option of buying the car at an agreed price.

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