10 Tips When Finding a Wedding Car Hire

In a few years or decades, you would want to look back on your wedding day with fond memories. Hence, you go out of your way to make sure that every detail of your wedding contributes to your whole theme. In particular, you might want to ride in style so you can make a grand entrance at the wedding ceremony and reception. A wedding car hire Adelaide service can provide the most stylish wedding transport depending on your wedding theme.

But with many choices of car hire services, the task can become easily confusing and overwhelming. So, how do you choose? Check out these 10 tips that will help you find the best wedding car hire Adelaide company to serve you on your big day:

1.    Consider who are going to join you in the wedding transport. If you like a traditional wedding transport wherein it’s just the groom and the bride, a traditional bridal car will do. But if you are transporting the entire wedding entourage, a vehicle with a bigger capacity (such as limousine) might be considered.

2.    Be realistic. Make sure you consider the route of the wedding transport from the ceremony to the reception venue. Can the vehicle you have chosen handle the route? Look at the practical factors that will impact your decision.

3.    Choose the right color. This small detail can be easily overlooked. However, if you are particular about the wedding theme, choose a vehicle color that matches with the theme.

4.    Book your wedding car hire early. This is to ensure that the car hire company can guarantee that your chosen vehicle will be available on your chosen date. This is especially important when you plan on having your wedding on peak months.

5.    Choose the right wedding car style. Just like choosing the color, you need to pick a style that suits your wedding theme.

6.    Will it be easy to get into the car with your wedding dress? Think about the style and design of your wedding dress when considering what car to hire for your big day.

7.    Make sure you have seen the actual wedding car before you book a car hire service. This will give you time to physically inspect the car’s appearance and its condition. A reputable car hire company will have no problems giving you a tour of their showroom.

8.    Ask the company what other services they can offer. Will they be providing the chauffeur? Will they have scheduled maintenance and checkup prior to wedding service? These are small factors that will impact your decision on which car hire service to choose.

9.    Ask about the public liability insurance. All car hire companies should have one for your safety and protection.

10.    Make sure you have an exclusive use of the vehicle. Most car hire companies will let you use the car for a day. Hence, you need to double check with them to ensure that they only serve on wedding a day.

To make it easier to find your dream wedding car, visit Holdfast Limousines at This wedding car hire Adelaide specialist can offer a wide range of vehicle types and models to suit your wedding’s theme. Make sure you visit their website to check out the varied options available to you.

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